1. G-spot massage

    Give your girl a massage to remember by stimulating her naughty bits beyond all comprehension!

    Vulva massage is something that can be built into a long, sensational and relaxing way to make your lover come. By stimulating and massaging specific areas, you can make her come with little effort. Here goes…

    With both hands, press your flattened fingertips on either side of your girl's vagina

    Using your thumb and forefinger on each of your girl's outer labias, give them both a massaging pinch

    Flatten both your hands and stroke her outer lips, pulling up and down

    With your hand in the same flat position, press her outer labia towards each other and outwards again

    Using the pads of your fingertips, stroke up and down her labia and massage into the furrows between her inner and outer lips

    Next, flatten your palms on her thighs and massage in small, gentle circles with your thumbs, working from the top to the bottom, slowly creeping over to the sides of her clitoris

    Flatten your fingers over the opening to her vagina and apply pressure in small circles and then finish off your massage with an open-hand massage of her clitoris

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    • Joan: November 29, 2007 02:13
      This sounds amazing but I am puzzled as to why it is called G-Spot Massage? At no time do the man's fingers enter his partner, a g-spot massage would be impossible doing this. In the description it refers to a vulva massage. I am printing it off for my partner just now! Great description of the technique, easy to follow. I think I would refine it a bit with some lubricant and finger-fucking to make it even better. Can't wait to try it!