1. Stud Strap

    Stud Strap Tired of your man shooting his load before you get out of the starting blocks? Strap this little beauty on him and control his output forever more!

    How does it work?
    The Stud Strap has been dubbed by some as a 'remote control for men'. As far-fetched as that sounds, most women who've tried the Stud Strap love the fact that they can pull their lover back from the brink of premature orgasm so that they stand more chance of having a joint orgasm.

    The Stud Strap is soft to the touch and dead easy to use. Simply strap it around your lover's testicles and hold on to the long, extended fabric while your lover is penetrating you. When your man feels as though he's about to come, his balls while rise, but by simply pulling on the Stud Strap's extended fabric you can actually pull his balls back down, holding off his pending orgasm for a bit longer.

    Sizzlin' features:
    The easy to apply velcros included with the Stud Strap are genius, as they allow greater flexibility for decreasing or increasing the width of fabric around your lover's balls, making for a snugger fit. You can also move the strap into different positions. For example, if your lover likes the feel of your skin on his testicles, swing the Stud Strap around to the back of his scrotum so that his balls hang low on the inside of your thighs.

    Top tip:
    Put the Stud Strap on when your man has a full erection, as this will allow for greater positioning and will enable you to 'control' his orgasmic urges from the very beginning!