1. Great oral sex techniques: coming up for air

    So you've been down there for a while giving your girl your best oral sex moves but your tongue is knackered and you're gasping for some air. Here's how to keep her going while you take some precious time out…

    We all get tired while giving our partners oral sex, and taking a break mid-point doesn't have to be the passion killer you think it is. There are ways to continue the momentum of getting your lover to climax while you take a short breather, and here's how to do it when going down on your girl:

    While your tongue is recharging, use your fingers to massage her clit and keep her on that steady track towards the Big O. With some finesse, try to match the rhythm of your tongue with your fingers.

    Lick your fingers or dip them in some pussy juice before putting them on her clit, and if you're good enough she won't even notice the difference. It's worth hanging on in there with your tongue for a little while longer if she looks ready to blow though – she'll no doubt thank you for it by returning the favour…

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