1. Toe sucking

    The initial thought of sucking your lover's toes and him sucking yours is a bit gross, but it can be an intense turn-on for some. Why not find out if you're one of them?

    Toe Sucking, also known as 'Shrimping', can be highly erotic if done properly. Most peoples feet are incredibly sensitive, even ticklish, so take your time and go slowly whenever you're giving your lover's feet some oral loving.

    Start by kissing and licking slowly up and down the soles of your lover's feet, then start popping each of his toes into your mouth, one by one, sucking on them lightly each time. You can then swap so that your tootsies are on the receiving end!

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    • me: June 29, 2009 09:00
      i love sucking girls toes, any of the girls on here enjoyed having theres sucked? or intruiged?