1. Sex abroad: making love in a hammock

    Going abroad this summer? Then don't pass up the chance for some good lovin' in a hammock!

    First things first, make sure you're in a secluded spot. Once you've managed to secure your privacy, don a floaty skirt or something similar with no panties underneath for quick and easy access.

    Ensure that the hammock is tied up properly, as it will need to support the weight of you and your lover. If the hammock is big enough, have sex in the Spoons position with your lover penetrating your from behind in your own private hammock cocoon. This is also a great position for trying out a 69…

    Another cool position for having sex in a hammock is to use it as a swing. Lie face down on the hammock with your legs hanging over the side of the hammock and dangling towards the floor. Your lover can either penetrate you while standing up or give you a good dose of rimming and oral!

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    • emma: August 24, 2007 19:08
      whats the spoon position?