1. Five sex superfoods

    If Horny Goat Weed doesn't sound like your ideal love potion, try some of the following sex superfoods to raise your libido instead.

    Highly nutritious, low in fat and high in zinc, ideal for escalating the production of sperm and increasing testosterone levels.

    This succulent plant is loaded with the mineral Boron, thought to influence the production of sex hormonesin both men and women

    Long given as wedding favours as a sign of fertility, almonds contain high doses of phenylethylamine, the feel-good amino acid, and are also an essential fatty acid

    Chewing the root of strong, natural liquorice is said to give rise to lusty urges in women and giving their libido a strong boost

    Dr Alan Hirsch, director of the Smell And Taste Research Foundation in Chicago, has discovered that women get incredibly aroused by the smell of cucumber. Stock up on those salads, girls!

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    • david rhodes: April 03, 2010 00:23
      how do i increase my sperm production
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