1. Prostate milking

    Prostate Milking is an age-old practice used to relive the build-up of semen by prostate massage, but more and more couples are getting turned on by it as an instant orgasmic hit for men

    Widely considered to be the male equivalent of the female G-spot, your man's prostate gland or P-spot is a trigger button for release of semen, and in some cases without the need for handjobs, blowjobs or sex. Here's how you do it:

    Lube up your index finger and your man's anus, then slowly penetrate him with your finger as far as you can go. You should be able to feel a small, firm bump on the uppermost side of his anal passage, in the direction of his naval, which is your man's P-spot.

    Press or stroke his P-spot in a rhythmic motion with the pad of your finger and not your nail. Maintain this rhythmic motion until your man comes.

    Some men can orgasm from this motion alone, but if his penis is still flapping around, stroke it with your free-hand to bring him to a knee-trembling orgasm.