1. Pink Lady Wonder Wave Fleshlight Insert - Sex Toy of the Day

    Pink Lady Wonder Wave Fleshlight Insert No substitute for the real thing? Hey, we knew that already! But the Pink Lady Wonder Wave Fleshlight Insert's got its own charms, as this reviewer discovered - it won't stare at you when it's not being used, and it won't scare your girlfriend! Oh, and did we mention the mindblowing orgasms…

    'So, the missus has all these toys, I want one, me…one designed for a man? These pussy and butt combos which look like some magicians trick gone wrong just look wrong and I imagine they stare back at you somewhat when not being used.

    As with most of our purchases we look around for a bit to see what seems hot or not. When looking for a real feel pussy type thing, this was it.

    We decided on a textured insert after reading on the Fleshlight site that the original pink lady is more akin to vagina tightness after having a few children. The wonder wave supposedly has a smaller diameter shaft as well as being textured with more sensation rather than smooth.

    Sounds good, and I suppose it is, vary the air pressure with the cap at the bottom to adjust the suction and plug away! Supposedly you can put it in a shoe and go at it missionary style or wedge it between the mattress and bedframe/divan and get down doggy style.

    We tried it first sort of side by side, she with her current fave and me with my pink, squishy, lube dripping and unsexily large, mock minge. It works, you can go up and down, whole strokes or small strokes just for the head and it will make you cum but then again it isn't that difficult a feat.

    I have heard some women say that their bunnies and other vibes are better than the real thing and that if you are the kind of lover who is intimidated by her toys or takes too little time aimed solely trying to please your partner, you should worry.

    The fleshlight however will fail to worry or intimidate a single woman out there. Even the lowliest vibe out there is sort of penis like, but it's probably bigger and it'll buzz, it does something your average cock does not.

    The fleshlight looks pussy like, but if you want it warm, you have to soak it in warm water, unlike the real thing it does not produce its own sweet tasting juices, it needs lube, and the wave needs LOTS of lube, it drinks the stuff by the gallon and then dribbles down your balls and makes the bed sticky, it is so inferior to the real thing, if you have the real thing, you really don't need this.

    And there you have the crux of this product, it's a product for a single man. It gave us both a giggle for a few uses, but now it just takes up space in the toy drawer and as I can't at the present time see us failing to get married, having just bought a house and horses, I am seriously thinking of binning it.

    So If you are single, it beats a lubed bicycle inner tube, lacks the risk of the vacuum tools and will satisfy your need for penetration if regular sex is lacking but that's it.

    It's no quick wank either, if you want it warm it needs preparation and once you are done it needs more than a quick rinse to get rid of the now oceanic amounts of lube mixed with man goo. I have even seen people make drying racks from two wire coat hangers as failing to dry it properly you risk it getting mouldy.

    On a plus point, a recent free gift from Lovehoney, the "G-Spot Wand Vibrator 6.5 Inch" doe fit perfectly down the back end of the shaft when the cap has been removed and does give an interesting change in sensation and adds another dimension to its use.'

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