1. Cool your lover down with an ice-lolly sex fest

    Perfect for these (not so) long, hot summer months, trailing a freezing cold ice-lolly over your lover's body will cool them down while heating them up!

    With your lover lying naked on your bed, unwrap an ice-lolly of your choice and suck on it salaciously for a few seconds. Once you've removed the top coating of frost from the lolly, trail it across your lover's body and lick off the juice with long, wide licks of your tongue.

    Areas to concentrate on include your lover's nipples, neck, earlobes, armpits, back of their knees, tummy, breast bone, pelvic bone, penis or vagina, inner thighs and the outer rim of their anus.

    If you're performing this delicious act upon your girl, try penetrating her if your ice-lolly is phallic in shape. This will feel absolutely divine when the ice-lolly comes into contact with her warm, wet vagina. Don't forget to suck the lolly clean afterwards…

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