1. Masturbation sleeves

    Pink Lady Fleshlight Your lover masturbates, same as you do when he's not around or when you're horny but too knackered to have sex. Instead of relegating him to a life of tissues and quickies over the toilet, get him a masturbation sleeve and make his year!

    Masturbation sleeves are the dog's bollocks when it comes to aiding men jack off. Sold in a variety of materials and colours, these sexy little sleeves simulate the feel of a women's vaginal passage, helping your man reach orgasm much more quickly and realistically than using his rough, hairy palms.

    Sleeves that have openings shaped like mouths or anus' are the best, and the super soft lining is double orgasmic when coated with warming lubricant such as the WET Warming Lubricant. Check out these nifty little numbers for enveloping your lover's cock:

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