1. Pleasure Seeker Remote Control Egg - Sex Toy of the Day

    Pleasure Seeker Remote Control Egg We've all been there. Those dull parties where somehow you've ended up stuck in a corner with a sweaty stamp collector insisting on running through the entire backstory of Babylon 5 while your partner looks just as bored across the room. Just think how different it could be if you had a Pleasure Seeker Remote Control Egg to hand, either feeling it buzzing unexpectedly deep inside you or making your partner squeal as the witless droning just washes over you.. This Orgasm Army reviewer's seen the light, and we think you should too!

    'I bought this to replace another cheaper egg that had been a bit of a letdown and this one did the trick.

    For her: all the added excitement of being buzzed whenever your partner desires, be it while talking to a crowd of people or just when it's the two of you.

    For him: Surprising your other half with pleasurable vibrations. Good way to warm her up before you get home and with a range of about 4 metres it makes for good sport to see if you can make her jump.

    Vibrations are reasonably strong but quiet and the range is better than other eggs I have seen. The build is good quality and easy to clean which is always a nice bonus.'

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