1. Great sex positions: face away from him

    Whatever sex position you feel like performing tonight, make sure it involves you facing away from your lover to maximize the benefits of rear-entry sex

    There's a lot to be said for intimate gazing into your lover's eyes during sex, but if you want hard-hitting G-spot action, lie on your tummy, spread your hand and legs and stand facing a wall or get on all fours, because rear-entry is sensational for G-spot stimulation and much more.

    The front wall of your vagina is incredibly sensitive, and when you're in a rear-entry position the angle of your vagina becomes angled, giving him a bullseye shot.

    Spread your legs as wide as you can to give him perfect penetrative access, then when he's hitting your sweet spot over and over again, let the feeling that you need to wee (this happens because your G-spot is situated near your urethra) pass, then buckle down for some all-consuming orgasmic waves to pulse through out your body.

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