1. Live sex show

    Become the stars of your very own live sex show… in the comfort of your own home

    Unleash the erotic performers inside you and your lover by staging a kinky live sex show in your bedroom or living room. Guaranteed to be the best sex you've ever had, you and your lover will go all out to make sure your private live sex show is the best show in town.

    We're not suggesting you sell tickets or invite some randoms to come along and jack off while you and your lover get down and dirty, but by pretending you're fucking each other, licking each other and sucking each other infront of an audience will turn you on like nothing else and will ensure that you both raise your game to the next level.

    Here are a few pointers to get you started:

    Make sure you have a definite 'stage' area where your show will take place. This can either be your bed, or more excitingly, a designated space cordoned off in your living room with a quilt or throw in the middle and chairs positioned around it.

    Get dressed in different rooms to each other, slipping on your kinkiest oufits and making yourselves look and smell extremely sexy.

    Play some sexy, pumping music as loud as you can to get your blood flowing and imitate a real live sex show environment.

    Exaggerate every single act and move when you're walking to the 'stage' and when you start your live sex show. Remember, the audience needs to see every single detail of what you're doing, so move around as much as you can, accentuate your movements and vocalize your pleasure loudly…

    To begin your live sex show, it's best to start by stripping each other sensually and making lots of eye contact, then move on to using sex toys, performing oral sex and fucking each other in all manner of sinful positions.

    You're the stars of this show, so do what you want and be completely over the top!

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