1. Dreamgirl Pearl Thong - Sex Toy of the Day

    Dreamgirl Pearl Thong Oh okay, it's not really a sex toy. But it's got beads (sort of), which is enough for us, and this Orgasm Army reviewer has got us all hot under the collar with his story of how his girlfriend wore it out shopping one afternoon. So the next time you see someone having a hot flush in M & S, shout 'Pearl Thong!' and see if they flinch. Caution: not to be used at the gym! Unless you want a proper workout…

    'It really is a fun product. I got this for my girlfriend more for a laugh than anything but it turned out to be a great buy. I persuaded her to wear it out shopping one afternoon and by the end of the trip her clit was thoroughly worked on and we had a great time when we got home. They may not be real pearls but they did the job 100%. They are great to see on and turned me on as much as they did her when I saw her in them.'

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