1. Sliquid Swirl Flavoured Lubricant 125ml - Sex Toy of the Day

    Sliquid Swirl Flavoured Lubricant 125ml Nobody likes interrupting a long licking session to shave those nasty artificial lube flavours off their tongue. If licking's turned to gurning for you one too many times, check out what this Orgasm Army reviewer has to say about the natural taste and long-lasting slippery fun of Sliquid Swirl Flavoured Lubricant!

    'I've been looking for some flavoured lube for a while, trying to avoid the very strong, artificial flavours that are mostly everywhere. They just make you feel sick after and while and destroy the pleasure of giving oral; this however is very much the opposite. After reading reviews saying how the taste is quite mild, not artificial and enhances your natural taste rather than covering it, I just had to try it out.

    I bought Cherry Vanilla and Blue Raspberry flavours, both of which are super! The Cherry Vanilla tastes and smells quite a lot stronger than the Blue Raspberry, having a very cherry/almond-y flavour; my boyfriend prefers we use this one for hand-jobs because it smells great and lubes up brilliantly. We both prefer the Blue Raspberry because it's so much milder and tastes sweet, just like a watered down version of the Blue Raspberry ice-drinks you can buy at cinemas.

    Sliquid lubes contain no glycerin which is reassuring as it reduces the risk of yeast infection, this makes it more appealing as it seems as if it was actually more designed for use around the sexual organs rather than the other lubes which are designed more to smell nice rather than be safer around your delicate parts.

    Sliquid, however, does have both; it smells/tastes great and doesn't leave you worrying if all that sugar might cause a nasty infection!

    If you can't make up your mind which flavour to try first, I'd suggest the Blue Raspberry (obviously it depends on your taste, but from my experience of two of the flavours, blue raspberry tastes and smells the nicest). These lubes do not cover up your natural taste, but enhance it (like adding bacardi to coke ^_^) they are not over-powering in smell or flavour and are long-lasting as a lube; a little bit goes a long way.

    The bottles are a little smaller than I imagined, but as I say, you'll find you won't need to use quite as much of this lube at a time than with some other lubes.

    Overall I'd have to say this was a good buy, it tastes much more natural than most other flavoured lubes, is much more delicate-part-friendly and lasts well as a lubricant.'

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