1. Featured erotic book - The Private Undoing of a Public Servant

    The Private Undoing of a Public Servant 'Let's pretend we're authority figures, bourgeois neurotics, juvenile delinquent and welfare officer, arresting officer with clipboard and handcuffs, personality sex offender and victim turned accomplice. We are aroused by language over touch. This isn't a skin-on-skin affair and I don't think we've even seen each other naked. This is not about bodies.' All of which makes Leonie Martel's The Private Undoing of a Public Servant a very different erotic novel indeed, marrying the usual fem-dom paraphernalia of butt plugs, bondage, lashing and cross-dressing to the tale of a cabinet minister's downfall at the hands of an uncompromising pervert.

    If you've never fancied pegging a cabinet minister, don't worry. Even the minister here admits that 'The thought of being outed as a sexual freak makes me feel ill.' There's plenty of other sex action to get you swelling or juicing, but rather than the erotic romance line many Black Lace books take nowadays, Martel uses the novel to fry some bigger fish, from the con of London life to the havoc wrought by New Labour policy.

    This could come across as a dry, pompous rant and it's testament to Martel's skill that it's anything but, veering closer in its delicious observations to Jonathan Coe's comedies of manners than anything else in genre erotica, making this required reading for anyone wanting a little bit more from their smut, as noted in rave reviews everywhere from Arena to Skin Two.

    As for rumours that this book is based on an actual affair with a cabinet minister, no comment… but imagining some New Labour faces put through these ass-stretching exercises could seriously damage your mental health.

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