1. How to get your partner interested in anal sex

    How to get your partner interested in anal sex

    Anal sex can be scary if you haven't done it before, but it is even scarier for your partner if you have tried it and they haven't. Here's some ways to encourage them to give anal play a go…

    • First of all, don't ever rush or pressure your lover into having anal sex if they don't feel ready. The trick is to build up their confidence and trust in you, so go slowly. Why not start off with a tantalizing anal massage? Gently stroking around their anal opening and perineum is a great turn-on for you both.
    • When you are both ready to try some anal stimulation, lube up your fingers and your lover's anus with some specifically formulated anal lubricant such as Doc Johnson Anal Lube. Relax them immediately by promising that you won't penetrate them unless they want you to, so they can just lie back and enjoy you stroking around their anus and perineum.
    • You could also try asking your lover to masturbate while you stroke and play with their anus and perineum, and if this stirs up some adventurous sexual feelings in them (which it probably will), then you can move on to some gentle fingering of their anus and eventually, anal sex.
    • Rimming is the perfect way to lead to anal sex and is sure to get your partner's juices flowing! Use a flavoured water-based lube such as Durex Play Very Cherry Lubricant and apply it liberally to your partner's bottom. Try dispensing a drop between their cheeks and as it runs down their sensual curves, you follow the lubricant with your tongue. It is so much fun and will have both of you relaxed in no time at all!
    • One of the things that makes many people balk at anal sex is the idea of cleanliness. An anal douche is the perfectly way to get you clean and ready for anal sex and using it in the shower or over the toilet means there is no mess either.