1. Good Vibrations Large Massage Bar - Sex Toy of the Day

    Good Vibrations Large Massage Bar Who needs Oil of Olay when you can rub-a-dub with a Good Vibrations Large Massage Bar, straight from the caring hands of the San Francisco company with thirty years of sexpertise behind them? Not this slippery Orgasm Army customer, although we don't recommend you eat too much of it, even if it does taste goooood!

    'I bought and used the After Dinner Mint scent of this bar - it smells perfectly like an After Eight mint… so much so that you really have to remember not to eat it.

    The bar is well sized for sliding across the body and has enough "massage-ness" in it to last for three or four full body massages or two supremely long, buttery massages (you will not be able to absorb all the oils if you use the bar up on two massages, though, so prepare to be sliding around the bed for the rest of the night).

    It melts easily with body heat and is wonderfully silky on the skin - unlike other massage oils, it doesn't dry out quickly. It also has the benefit of leaving your skin wonderfully moisturized the next day.

    The product does say not to eat it, but I was relieved to find that the taste is just fine, if there happens to be any after massage tasting going on. It isn't as wonderfully chocolately minty as the smell leads you to believe, but it is certainly lickable.

    Added bonus: the After Dinner Mint version is warming. Gently heats up and stays heated up, with an added effect when you blow across the skin.'

    You can buy the Good Vibrations Large Massage Bar, or see our full range of erotic massage accessories.

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