1. Semen: low fat and good for you!

    It's time to dispel the high school myth that swallowing semen is a one-track way to piling on the pounds…

    First of all, semen is a product of your lover's body. It's natural, not artificial for goodness sake. It seems that more than a few people are confused about semen and whether it has fattening properties or not.

    The truth is, there are between 5 and 15 calories per average ejaculation of semen – a hell of a lot less than your average Weight Watchers snack… Semen also contains 60 per cent of the American recommended daily intake for Vitamin C, as well as a protein content similar to that of a large white egg.

    So next time you fancy a low fat snack, treat yourself to some of your man's love juice and ditch those rice cakes in the bin!

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