1. Classified Mr Moo Pouch - Sex Toy of the Day

    Classified Mr Moo Pouch Spotted in the Metro (and a few other places) on July 6 - a story that minces no words with the title Teen has Sex with Cow. The papers have been milking (urf!) this one for all it's worth… In Skipwith, North Yorkshire, a teenager wearing only 'black briefs' was caught by a passer-by having sex with an English Longhorn. He fled when the voyeur shouted at him, and was nowhere to be seen when the police arrived (no surprises there!). The cow's owner reckons it had been groomed for sex, as the feed bucket had been moved around to suit the udder-loving cow fiend.

    It is our solemn duty at Lovehoney to remind all of you that sex with cows is illegal and probably immoral, and to offer a legal, safe alternative way to stick your cock in a cow - the Classified Mr Moo Sex Pouch! Guaranteed not to get you in trouble with the law, unless you start waggling it about at the supermarket. If that doesn't wow you, say 'How now' to Pat the Inflatable Cow, which will moo with delight as you toy with her udders. Hey, whatever turns you on…

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