1. An exclusive interview with erotic author Sasha White

    Wicked Words Sex in the Office Sasha White, who's been taking the erotic world by storm with books like Lush and Bound, stories in the likes of Wicked Words Sex in the Office and her ultrastylish blog at www.sashawhite.net, has very kindly agreed to say a few words to Lovehoney about her experiences of writing erotic fiction. Many thanks, Sasha, and over to you…

    How did you first come to start writing erotic fiction?

    I've been a reader of erotic fiction for as long as I can remember. WHen I was 15, I found Harlequin Temptations Erotic… as I got older, I found more erotic stuff… LOL. Early in my 30's I decided I didn't want to still be a bartender when I turned 40, so I focussed on writing. I wanted to be a travel writer, but that's a hard career to get into if you've no formal education, or staff job at a magazine, so I turned to fiction. Erotic being my favourite to read, and having had so many stories to tell from years as a bartender, it was a natural fit.

    Could you tell us a little about your influences?

    Honestly, years of being a bartender. I love to people watch, and I love to get their stories. Early on I didn't have many influences as a writer, because I just sort of went at it with the "Just Do It" mentality. Later on I got to know some other writes through the internet - Alison Kent, Stephanie Tyler and Larissa Ione, as well as Vanessa Jaye and Beth Williamson - all who have influenced me a lot. Not so much with their own writing, but just by being themselves. By talking craft and career and being there for me.

    Do you practice what you preach, or do you prefer to work purely from the imagination?

    A little bit of both. *grin*

    Why should people read erotica?

    It's a great, and safe, way to explore your own fantasies and imagination. I also find it to be entertaining , and a great escape from the stress of everyday life… and we all need an escape every now and then.

    Can you make a living from writing erotica?

    *I* can. But I'm single, and have no dependents, so it doesn't take much to live on. *grin* I think it all depends on the writer.

    Is there any other contemporary erotica you rate highly?

    Strangely, since I've started to write it all the time, I don't read it as much. My reading has taken a more diverse train and switched tracks to mysteries and thrillers, and even paranormals. I can say that authors like Saskia Walker, Portia Da Costa and Emily Holly are always a good read though. No matter what I'm looking for, I enjoy them.

    Do you have any tips for aspiring authors on how to write erotic fiction?

    Don't be shy when you're writing. Let your imagination go, and enjoy the ride.

    Have you used sex toys in your stories, and if so which ones?

    Yup. In my August release Trouble, they use blindfolds and a vibrator in one scene. In one of my short stories in the Secret Thoughts:EROTIQUE ebook, I have a woman using a strap on. Secret Thoughts 2, (Which is being compiled right now) I have another short story with handcuffs, and a vibrator.

    Hmm, see a pattern? There are a couple of others too, but I can't remember specific titles. Sex toys aren't something I like my characters to depend on, but they are wonderful to enhance scenes… and life.

    Are there any sex toys you've enjoyed using in real life?

    Yup. *grin*

    Finally, do you have any message for Lovehoney customers?

    Be adventurous, be imaginative, and enjoy life. Revel in all you are, and all you do.

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    • Erin the Innocent: July 19, 2007 19:31
      fantastic interview :) I can't wait to read Trouble in August Sasha!
    • tami: July 21, 2007 04:05
      cool interview! i have loved ever story ive read of yours! looking forward to TROUBLE
    • Sasha: July 29, 2007 20:07
      Thanks ladies! It's almost time for TROUBLE!! *grin*