1. Lesbian secrets uncovered: how to give your girl amazing head

    Wanna know how to give your girl like head like only girls can? Then read on…

    Regardless of whether you're building up to giving your girl head for the first time or whether you've been at it for years and think you've got it down straight, there's always room for improvement, especially with these saucy lesbian secrets to giving your lover amazing head:

    The most important factor when performing cunnilingus is time. You have to commit yourself to the idea of a long haul if you want your girl to relax enough and concentrate enough to reach orgasm. Unless you're the don when it comes to tongue action, two-minutes of licking isn't going to cut it.

    Big fat licks using the whole of your tongue are the way forward. Drink plenty of fluids before hand so that your tongue is as wet as it can be, then flatten your tongue out and use the whole width to lick your lover's clit.

    Slow, long licks are the best way to maintain a steady rhythm, helping your girl to orgasm a lot faster. You should also try this little routine with your tongue: circle circle, flick, flick, circle circle, flick flick, and so on.

    Drive her mad by drawing slow circles around her clitoris (but not touching it) with your tongue. She how long she can last without begging you to push the overdrive button…

    When licking her clit, alternate between long sturdy licks and soft little flicks, but don't jump around too much: pay attention to how she responds to each technique and favour the one she likes best.

    Finally, when going down on your lover, gently press your nose against the fleshy mound above her vagina, which will add an extra dimension of erotic sensation when you're bringing her home to orgasm.

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    • Steph: July 23, 2007 09:27
      My best friend/ gf has only let me go down on her once before now that she knows i have a better technique shes said yes to doing it again thanks
    • Bad Kitty: July 23, 2007 22:57
      Good for you Steph! Oral sex rules... BK x
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