1. Cupids Couch Sex Sofa - Sex Toy of the Day

    Cupids Couch Sex Sofa Fun with a capital F

    'Cupids Couch is fun with a capital F!

    Think of it as an adult bouncy castle and you will not be far wrong. Hubby and I found ourselves laughing hysterically as we tried out all of the 12 suggested positions and then tried to create our own, each one hitting the spot sooooo much better than when using your usual mundane household furniture!

    The couch comprises of 2 separate compartments, each easily inflated and deflated in minutes using the electric pump provided - which is a good thing because this is probably the biggest sex toy you will ever own. The curves and handles provide perfect support for you and your partner in which ever position you choose (although straddling the couch will give your leg muscles quite a work out!) The couch did tend to sway left and right at first but with practice you do become more stable (and anyway, swaying just adds to the fun!) The PVC material is strong and durable, if a little cold to begin with.

    We love this product and would definitely recommend it to anybody who wants to bring the fun factor back into the bedroom (or lounge, or garden, or anywhere else big enough to accommodate this monster!)'

    You can buy the Cupids Couch Sex Sofa, or see our full range of Sex Furniture.

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