1. Make sex a higher priority in your life

    If sex is the last thing you do before going to sleep at night, it's no wonder your sex life is more than a little lack-lustre

    Do you openly avoid sex with your partner or have little or no interest in getting in on? If so, chances are you only have sex as a means to get some peace from your increasingly frustrated partner. But it needn't be like this…

    If you're so stressed out during your working week that you physically have no energy for anything erotic, why not wait until the weekend and play catch up with some lazy days in bed having duvet picnics and long sessions of love-making?

    For those of you who have got in to the habit of coming in from work, slumping on the sofa and switching on the TV, why not set aside some time when you come straight in from work to take a shower together then head to the bedroom for some play time? We guarantee it will put you in a great mood for the evening and will de-stress you beyond belief!

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