1. Erotic fantasies: boss and interviewee

    It's all about power play with this sexual fantasy, so which one of you is going to play the boss and which one is going to play the submissive employee?

    A simple but saucy little erotic fantasy, the 'boss and interviewee' scenario can be played out on your dinning table or home office…

    The unsuspecting interviewee comes to your office for a late-evening interview, after all your other employees have headed home. Direct the interviewee to their seat, shut the door behind them and stand there for a moment holding their gaze to assert your power stance.

    Stride over to your desk and pour them a drink. As your interviewee will be eager to please you in order to get the job over the hundreds of other people who have applied, tell them that there's some 'extra curricula' duties they will have to perform as part of their job.

    Begin detailing how they will be required to perform lesbian acts infront of you with the head of personnel, give you head while taking short-hand notes and accompanying you on saucy 'work weekends' away. While you're talking them through their list of duties, open their legs and start stimulating them with a sex toy until they come.

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