1. Durex Performa Condom and Play Lube Sachet - Sex Toy of the Day

    Durex Performa Condom and Play Lube Sachet Let's face it - it's difficult to find anyone who actively enjoys using condoms. But given the risks of not using them they're an unavoidable item for sex play - and it's worth testing out a few different types to find out which ones work for you. It looks like this Orgasm Army reviewer's made her choice with the Durex Performa Condom and Play Lube Sachet - how about you?

    'I'm no condom expert, but as I now can't take the pill they have become necessary - and I hate the things! And so it isn't a case of "ooh, what great condoms", it is for me the lesser evil of which of these things I use.

    However I have to say I was very impressed with this type – I've tried out about six brands total and this is definitely a top choice. In fact I forgot he was wearing one part way through.

    It was nice and thin and flexible, it didn't feel like some badly fitted shrink wrap. I could feel my lover through it and it was well lubricated for him on the inside and I used the 'durex play' lube sachet, adding a drop inside and a glob of it on the outside.

    Already warmed up I jumped on board and I don't know what the contributing factors were but it was the ride of my life! I came so hard I felt sick; I don't know if that is a good thing though! I'm multi-orgasmic by nature but this was very, very hard and multi orgasms; Real knee trembling stuff.

    So the condom did its job and did it very well. I will be buying this brand for certain. My partner when asked about it said "a condom is a condom; it's no different to any other". This brand states a delay action and I had a good session before he finally let loose the little swimmer but I can't say if it was the condom or my threat that if he came early I would ride his over sensitive limpy until I had my fill… ho hum.'

    You can buy the Durex Performa Condom and Play Lube Sachet, or check out our full range of condoms.