1. Spanky panky

    Ruff Stuff Spank Her Plush Heart PaddleFancy a bit of light spanking? Here's some top tips to get you started…

    If you and your lover want to get into spanking for the very first time, it's best to start off gently. Lightly slapping your lover on the bottom will make the blood rush to the surface of their skin, making it more sensitive to the touch and all the more enjoyable when you kiss or lick it better afterwards.

    Instead of using your entire hand in a flat position to spank your lover's bottom, cup your hand so that you minimize the skin-on-skin sting but maximize the kinky 'slapping' sound.

    Always start off with short little spanks, as this will allow endorphins to circulate throughout your lover's body and cancel out any pain. Once your both up to speed with hand-spanking, try some of this sexy paddles instead:

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    • Mike: July 08, 2015 14:41
      Where should I be spanking her. We bought one the other day and she loves it. But where will excite her more