1. Grow Your Own Boyfriend - Sex Toy of the Day

    Grow Your Own Boyfriend Seen on the BBC website 29 June: Boyfriend pillow for Japan singles. Billed as 'the ultimate sleeping partner', this pillow with attached man arm (artificial, of course, so it'll last longer without staining the pillow) is allegedly perfect for snuggling up to when your man's away. Or has dumped you, etc. Junko Suzuki, interviewed by AP, had this to say: 'It keeps holding me all the way through. I think this is great because this does not betray me.'

    Sadly the boyfriend pillow is only available in Japan at present, but we at Lovehoney have our own suggestions for keeping you girls company without snores or lager burps, ranging from the Fist of Fury, an arm that's probably a bit hard to sleep on but can do other things without getting soggy, unlike the boyfriend pillow, to the inimitable Grow Your Own Boyfriend, the perfect gift for the newly single.

    Just check out some quotes from satisfied customers: 'Is a great novelty present especially for all those recently single mates who are going through the "All men are SCUM" phase'. Um, I'll just get me coat, then…

    Buy Grow Your Own Boyfriend at Lovehoney, or see our full range of novelty gifts.

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