1. Doc Johnson Vac-U-Lock Kong Realistic 8-Inch - Sex Toy of the Day

    Doc Johnson Vac-U-Lock Kong Realistic 8-Inch No need to go to the South Seas for your King Kong fix - now you can stay at home and dream of giant model apes (or whatever floats your boat) while trying to fit as much of the Doc Johnson Vac-U-Lock Kong Realistic 8-Inch inside you as possible. The fun-loving Orgasm Army reviewer who penned the following review put as her 'bottom line', 'If this is really and truly modeled after a real cock as the literature claims, will someone please get me the guy's number?' Cheeky girl…

    'The model reviewed herein is a suction cup Kong dildo, rather than the Vac-U-Lock item, but in most particulars is the same beast.

    AND what a beast it is!! This is a REALLY fun, well-made item! It's also pretty amazing looking, from the mammoth head right on down to the simulated pubic hairs and wickedly bulging ball sac. The paint job is fantastic, and lends the marvellously irregular, vein-laced shaft remarkable verisimilitude.

    Some will ridicule the hair, but once again, it's all for the sake of realism, and what's so wrong with that? Plus, while it lasts, you CAN actually feel the hair, and that's a total turn-on (mmmmmmm - the very thought of being pricked and tickled on the bottom by REAL pubic hair raises goose flesh).

    So, how does Kong feel?… Every bit as amazing as he looks. He's not really about length but you'll barely notice. This is a tale of girth, to be filed under friction. This one fills you up. It's a fabulously thick thing top to bottom, and is firm enough, but it's also quite pliant and smooth. The head IS huge, but wonderfully spongy.

    It's pure folly to deny the hunger for repeated penetration Kong inspires; you'll want to relax and let that fantastic head come almost all the way out… only to plunge it back in. Just don't forget to breathe!! This is a doggy-style dream and a super sweet stretch for sure. If they could only make some of the mega-dongs feel as good as this…'

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