1. Great sex positions: Shoal Of Fish

    The reason why this position is called Shoal Of Fish is because the women looks as though she is swimming in mid air in this position. Here's how you do it…

    Your lover needs to put his left knee on the floor and his right foot on the floor with his right knee bent at a right angle. You should then sit on his lap facing away from him, with your right foot on the floor and your right knee bent at a right angle, with your left knee pointing to the floor but not touching.

    Your man supports you by clasping his arms around your waist and you can rest your arms on top of his. With your man supporting you by the waist, slowly lower your torso forward to support your weight on a bed or sofa.

    With you supporting your torso on a bed or sofa, your man should stand up, sliding his hands along your thighs and lifting your legs up around his waist to gain easy penetrative access.

    Have sex in this position for as long you can last and you'll feel the 'work-out' benefits afterwards as well as a delicious orgasm.

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    • nice: August 24, 2007 19:15
      i have tried this great fun in front of the mirror