1. CB-2000 Points of Intrigue - Sex Toy of the Day

    CB-2000 Points of Intrigue It's not every day you see a toy review with a line like 'my penis had strong marks on it which made my Mistress happy', but then the CB-2000 Points of Intrigue isn't an everyday toy. Boys, if the idea of cock clamping makes you shrivel, make sure you sit down with a nice stiff drink before reading this. And girls, this is for - uh - consensual sex play, OK?

    'My Mistress/Girlfriend ordered me to purchase a 'CB 2000' and the 'Points Of Intrigue'. I now wear both 24/7 using the medium points. I must behave correctly to be released when my Mistress sees fit.

    I find the best combination is the CB 2000 with small points as when you become excited the medium points can reduce you to your knees with the pain and when I'm at work I have to make sure I stay in a relaxed state. Although if pain is what you're looking for you could try the Double Points solution my Mistress put in place.

    One Friday when I was late home from work I opened the door to find my Mistress very angry. I apologised for being late but it was no good, I was ordered down to the bedroom and told to undress and lay on the bed she then firmly secured my hands and feet to the bedposts and gagged me. She then began to remove the CB 2000 to which I sighed with relieve only to discover she was replacing the medium points with the large points.

    She then opened another box and took out another large Points of Intrigue which she had ordered unknown to me. She placed both of them on me and locked me in the cage. She wasn't done with me yet, she began to do things to get me aroused and when I did it was the most painful experience of my life.

    The gag was keeping me from screaming and the pain was so much I began to weep, to which she laughed and then blindfolded me. She left me in this state all that night and when she entered the next morning she removed the gag and blindfold, stood over me on the bed pressing her foot on the CB 2000 and warned me not to be late again.

    I then had to lick every inch of her feet before she would release me. My balls were very sore and my penis had strong marks on it which made my Mistress happy. The marks faded after a few days but I will never forget that experience.'

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