1. O My Clitoral Stimulating Gel - Sex Toy of the Day

    O My Clitoral Stimulating Gel

    Want a piledriver orgasm? Who doesn't? To paraphrase erotic author Yolanda Celbridge in yesterday's interview, there's no time so good that a little O My Clitoral Stimulating Gel can't make it better. One of our Orgasm Army reviewers clearly thinks so, trying it with her man, a small pencil vibe, a willy dildo then a GX4 super rabbit - talk about road testing! Thank god she 'locked the cats out of the room', eh?

    'I reviewed the sample of this product and was so impressed I just had to have the full size 14ml pack. A handy little tune kept by my bed and enhances sex every time I use it. As for why?… here's a copy of my initial sample review ;-)…

    I am very sceptical about these products but saw the free sample offer and went what the hell, I'll try it! I tried this in different 2 situations, after reading the rather scary blurb about how it might feel like burning and stuff, I decided to give it a shot anyway. The first time started as waving the little packet at my partner. Now he has a pretty low libido but when a new sex toy or product enters the house then he perks up! And so we put it to the test the day it arrived in the post.

    I'm not sure how much a 'teardrop' is but I put on a tiny amount and felt well… nothing! It had warned of an intense warming sensation… so I put on a tiny bit more and felt just a touch of warmth. I figured ah well I don't want it everywhere and it probably won't work anyway.

    My partner had already warmed me up a little himself so I was ready for action and hopped on top. Yeah it was pretty regular sex, nice but it didn't seem to have changed much at first, then I realised that very quickly I was approaching orgasm and that fabled warm sensation started… and the orgasm itself? Damn it was good, more intense than usual and I have pretty intense orgasms as it is! The aftershocks lasted a LONG time too! I was happy and so had another (as you do) :D

    And so I thought right, lets put this to the test, I normally orgasm with my partner but going solo? That is a challenge since I have been with him for some reason and ofter I cannot achieve orgasm even with my huge selection of toys (including a £100 GX4 super rabbit vibe)! So I put this to the test too a week later.

    I selected my little buzzing and non buzzing friends, locked the cats out of the room, got out the O stuff and my liquid silk lube. My warm up tool is a little plastic pencil vibe I used on body and clit, it's enough to get me ready but not to orgasm. And so around it went and then onto the clit and within seconds I nearly came, it was incredible sensations! So I paused and got my willy dildo out and used that at the same time and Bingo! Orgasm rating 10! Came like a steam train in record time and it lasted ages.

    Now normally I would have my 1 fix and fall asleep, but noooo I was still ready for action and so put it to the ultimate test - The GX4 rabbit. This may sound odd but I cannot get off with a rabbit unless my partner uses it on me and then it is very tricky! And so having NEVER been able to come with a rabbit on my own I set to work and after about 5 mins getting the angle and stuff this little boosting product made sure I got there and again it was almost like a new type of orgasm, slow and gentle this time but drawn out then fading… I probably could have gone again but I was satisfied and my point was proven.

    A thing to note on the instructions is that this product works differently for each person, some have little to no effect, others (myself included) get completely blown away by it. I recommend a sample to everyone! If you don't try it you'll never know if it does or doesn't work with your individual err… equipment :D And when it is compatible it is really worth it.'

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