1. Head Honcho - Sex Toy of the Day

    Head Honcho It may look a bit like the evil robot in Terminator 2, but the Head Honcho delivers. As you'd sort of expect it to with a name like that… If your memory needs refreshing, the Head Honcho's a male masturbator with a unique three-suction chamber that delivers in spades - so much so that it was awarded 'Top Toy of the Year' by the US TV series 'Talk Sex With Sue Johanson'.

    Johanson, a world-renowned sex educator, asked thousands of viewers to cast their vote for their favourite sex toy, and the Head Honcho came out far ahead (urf! sorry) of any others.

    The Head Honcho's marketing team explained that 'It's the width, inner texture, tightness and extra length that make it special.' Pretty much covers it all, then! Just don't ask it to tie a knot in a cherry stalk.

    You can buy the Head Honcho, or check out our full range of male masturbators.