1. Auto Pulsator: Power Ring

    Auto Pulsator Power RingIf your man is prone to losing erections quickly and you have trouble orgasming during penetrative sex, kill two birds with one stone with the amazing Power Ring!

    It may look like the head of an Oral B toothbrush, but this vibrating beauty is exactly what you need for maintaing your man's bulging erection and bringing you to orgasm.

    How does it work?
    One of the easiest sex toys on the market, all you need to do is slide the Auto Pulsator Power Ring over your man's penis and marvel as the extended stimulator automatically vibrates when it comes into contact with your clitoris.

    Sizzlin features:
    The clit-stimulated vibrator is pure genius! You can also use it elsewhere on your body, so why not let your lover flip your over and have sex from behind, switching between stimulating the outside of your anus and your clit?

    Top tip:
    Use the Power Ring as soon as your lover has an erection and as soon as your both ready to have sex, because the vibrations will make you naturally more juicy, turning you and your lover on from the start to help you both reach orgasm.

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