1. Multiple orgasms and how to get them

    No, they're not an erotic folklore. Multiple orgasms are completely obtainable as long as you set aside plenty of time and patience to achieve them…

    Let's be honest: you've got no chance of experiencing a multiple orgasm (let alone a single one) if your sex life amounts to nothing more than a quick poke at bedtime before wiping away your lover's juices with an old towel. If you want to achieve a multiple orgasm, you and your lover are gonna have to work for it.

    Every girl knows that the clitoris can be unbearably sensitive straight after an orgasm, so instead of immediately carrying on whatever it was that made you orgasm in the first place, concentrate on the inside of your vagina, your vulva, your breasts and explore your other erogenous zones.

    Once you're feeling horny again, start stimulating your clitoris until you achieve your second orgasm. Keep this up for as long as you can, or until you've had your fill. Unlike men, women can orgasm as much as 20 times an hour, so you can look forward to at least two during your lunch break…

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