1. How to write an erotic story

    Now that we've just launched our Erotic Story Competition, I thought it would be timely to mention a post from a couple of months back entitled How to write your first sexy story. We interviewed erotic author Mathilde Madden who's had stories published in the Black Lace books - she had plenty of tips but budding erotic writers. Happy reading! And happy writing!

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    • lilmissnaughtyass: August 29, 2007 16:52

      i on One hot and sunny day walking home from work, i saw an old friend from school. she looked amazin, short skirt, tight top and big breasts. walking over to her, we started chatting, asking each other how we were and whether we had boyfriends. i was surprised when she said no because she was stunnin, she always had been a pretty girl in school and very popular, but i was still surprised when...she said linda your gorgeous ,do u fancy a drink.i replyed i have some drink at my place...do u fancy coming over ....she replyed oh yes linda i wanna get to no u a little bit more with a cheeky grin .i had funny things happening in my belly it felt good .....my mind was working over time .what does she mean by getting to know me that little bit more.mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i was thinking ive never had a woman .........i was all excited but was my mind thinking wrong conlusions .we got a cab to mine i felt a bit hot and flustered dont no why or do i .After a few minutes i started gettin ideas in my mind of what she would look like naked.i was thinking is she shaven wat do her tits look like etc .When we finaly got home , we were both quite hot and sweaty. i said 2 her, make urself at home, as i wandered off into the kitchen. i looked behind i winked at her and she smiled a little cute smile back at me. returning with the drinks and chocolates i said how they would look good on her beautiful tits. to my surprise she replied saying look for yourself as she undid her top. after two buttons i felt myself getting wet, and i couldn't stand the wait so i said comehere and nearly ripped her top off. then unclipped her bra and smothered her tits with the chocolate. as i started to lick the chocolate off, i felt her hands start to go down towards my now very wet pussy, i was getting wetter and wetter as her hand moved up my skirt and i was desperate for her to finger me, so i stopped opened my legs wide and sat there while she fingered me gently, after a few minutes i started to moan softly, this really turned her on and i could see her nipples getting harder, so i decided to graze my teeth overthem, at this i felt her hand push inside me and i let out a loud gasp as the pleasure washed over me, i couldn't let her take the advantage of me, so i lowered myself down and undid the buttons on her skirt, and as i pulled it down i was amazed 2 see the most gorjus, waxed pussy ever, i wasted no time in licking and sucking away at her mound as my friend fingered me, after a few minutes of licking her out i could feel her starting to quiver, so i inserted two of my long fingers into her and started to play with her clit, with her fingering me and me fingering her rapidly which soon left us quivering and moaning quite loadly.it felt great we both were so wet and horny i kept thinking we could do with a man here now .after about ten minutes of just sitting there i stood up and took her by the hand, walking towards the shower she giggled and said how she so wished to be shagged in the shower, which to my amazement was what i had in mind, so i told her i had to use the phone i phoned u told u to pop over i had a suprise for u ....i didnt tell her as i wanted to see her reaction.the door knocked it was u .....i answered it naked u were amazed i felt ur cock and said strip big boy .i went back into shower ,when u came in she was licking y wet pussy she didnt flinch at seeing u i told her to suck ur hard throbbing cock while i licked her pussy u wanted to **** me so i bent over the rail u rammed it in so hard .....she was licking ur balls u new i didnt **** up the ass so u asked her u ****ed her ass so hard she was screaming u wanted to spunk we both lied down u spunked all over our faces mmmm baby u tasted so good hope u like

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