1. Get wet n' wild with a thai massage

    Lather up with your partner for this wet full-body massage…

    If you have an inflatable mattress, now is the time to dig it out – trust us when we say that you don't want to perform this kind of massage on your antique oak bed.

    To enjoy an erotic Thai massage, both you and your lover need to be completely covered in bubble or soap suds. It's up to you how you want to do this, but one of the most practical ways to lather up is by filling a pan with warm water and adding a few drops of shower gel with an intense foaming agent.

    Sit on your inflatable mattress or chosen area to perform the massage, then cover yourself and your lover in soap suds. Make sure you're both completely covered, as the more lather on your skin, the easier it will be for you to slip and glide all over your lover's body.

    Once you're both completely covered, ask your lover to lie down on his back then 'swim' up and down his body, using your boobs to massage his arms, tummy, chest and genitals. When you're gliding back down his body, let his penis slip inside you a little bit each time, moving up to full penetration or until both of you have orgasmed by rubbing against each other during the massage.

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