1. Desert Island Sex Survey Results

    Desert Island Sex Survey Results

    Recently we ran a survey to find out who (or what) you'd most like to take on to a desert island.

    You restored our faith in love by saying that you'd most like to be marooned with your partner, rather than any of the consumerist trappings of a modern lifestyle.

    But of those who didn't want their better (or worse) half with them, a vibrator with limitless batteries was a more popular choice than an iPod with endless music.

    And the lucky winner of the £100 Lovehoney shopping spree is Amanda from the North East who voted for her partner, Gordon Ramsay and Tony Blair.

    Here are the results in full…

    What would you most like to take on to your desert island?

    Best Friend7%

    Who would you most like to be your Man Friday?

    George Clooney22%
    Gordon Ramsey16%
    Stephen Fry9%
    Graham Norton9%
    Jeremy Clarkson8%
    Andy McNab6%
    Patrick Stewart6%
    Vic Reeves5%
    Simon Cowell5%
    Chris Evans3%
    Rory Bremner2%
    Brian May2%
    George Foreman2%
    Tony Blair1%
    Ian McKlennan1%
    Boris Johnson1%
    David Cameron0.5%
    Gordon Brown0.5%
    Menzies Campbell0.5%
    Michael Winner0.5%

    Who would you least like to find on your desert island?

    Tony Blair33%
    Michael Winner15%
    Gordon Brown14%
    Simon Cowell7%
    Chris Evans5%
    Jeremy Clarkson3%
    Gordon Ramsey3%
    David Cameron3%
    Graham Norton3%
    Boris Johnson3%
    George Foreman2%
    Rory Bremner2%
    Stephen Fry2%
    Menzies Campbell1%
    George Clooney1%
    Patrick Stewart1%
    Vic Reeves1%
    Brian May1%
    Ian McKlennan1%
    Andy McNab1%

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