1. Where to find free sex stories on the web - part one

    There are more sex story sites online than you can waggle a stick at, from writer-generated hobby sites to commercial pages using the lure of free stories to get you to sign up for costly Camel Toe and MILF sites. Honestly, the tricks some people use…

    Keeping tabs on the slippery world of the web is a tough job, but the sites we're mentioning are well established and aren't irritating pay sites trying to jump on the free story bandwagon.

    If you're interested in conducting further eye-melting researches yourself, most of the sites we'll feed you over the next few weeks have links pages, and if you're really keen there's a whole world of sex story bloggers waiting to welcome you.

    So without further ado, here's the first two:

    - www.literotica.com contains not only a large archive of stories with a few taboo categories you won't find on other sites, but also hosts sound clips, videos, personal ads and an energy-sapping webcam area. You've been warned…

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