1. Sex positions for pregnant women

    Just as long as you're not dangling over the edge of your bed or swinging from the chandeliers, having sex when you're pregnant is safe for both you and your baby…

    If you've had your regular check-ups and all is OK by your doctor to have sex, then there's no reason why you shouldn't have sex when your pregnant if you want to. Obviously you and your partner will need to be a lot more careful when having sex in your current state, but it can also lead to trying out some great new sex positions and the release of some pent up sexual tension!

    Position 1: the not-so classic missionary
    As with the missionary position, you should lie on your back with a pillow under your bottom, but this time gently draw your knees up to your tummy (or as far as your bump will allow) and then place your feet on your lover's chest. Your lover will then move between your legs to penetrate you without putting too much weight on your tummy.

    Position 2: spooning
    Lie on your side in a comfy, curled up position so that your partner can lie behind you and easily slip his penis inside your vagina. Penetration tends to be quite shallow at this angle, which is perfect if you're worried about too much strain on your tummy later on during your pregnancy.

    Position 3: girl on top
    As always, the great thing about being on top of your lover is that you're in control of the depth of penetration and the pace at which you're having sex. Slowly lower yourself down onto your lover's penis and set a pace and rhythm that you feel comfortable with. If your lover sits with his back against a wall while you sit on top of him, he'll be well placed to service your nipples with his mouth and your clitoris with his fingers.

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