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    Durex Sensation Condoms (12 Pack)

    Are you experienced? This Orgasm Army reviewer certainly is, having tried out a wide range of condoms before settling on Durex Sensation as the preferred type, even though she doesn't 'usually feel that much during sex'. Now that's dedication… The following review also introduced me to an acronym I hadn't come across before, PIV. Think about it…

    "Well now, my boyfriend and I have tried several different types of condoms; fetherlite, pleasuremax, performa, condomi flavoured (which are horrible by the way) but these little gems have to be THE BEST!

    Although pleasuremax have ribs and bumps, we found that they didn't really do that much for me (the girl) and made him come far too quickly. (Which I don't mind sometimes, but gee, a girl's gotta have some fun too!!)

    I have never orgasmed from PIV sex, but these condoms are the only ones that have REALLY brought me close. They increase the sensation phenomenally, mainly for me, but my boyfriend also said he could feel a difference (could be from me tensing PC muscles so much from the intense feelings I got from having sex using these :P).

    These are the best condoms I have ever tried, they're comfortable for my boyfriend who's a little bigger than average, and the feelings I got were just so INCREDIBLE!

    I'm off to buy me a load more of these because they're sooooooo fabulous, and I'm hoping that these are going to help me achieve that long awaited PIV orgasm!

    I'd really recommend these to those women who don't usually feel that much during sex, like me, and those that feel a lot already too!"

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