1. Masturbate your girl with the hand-riding technique

    82 per cent of women climax through masturbation alone, compared to only 50 per cent who masturbate through penetrative sex. In other words, it makes sense to learn exactly how to masturbate your girlfriend, so let her show you how by using the hand-riding technique…

    With this particular masturbation technique, your girl needs to put her hand on top of yours when your touching her vagina and clitoris. Even though your doing most of the work, your girl is in complete control as her hand on top of yours will guide you along to what she needs in order to make her come.

    With her hand 'riding' on top of yours, you'll learn in double-quick time what hotspots you need to hit in order to make her orgasm. If your girlfriend is particularly sensitive down below, tough her through her panties, as this will drive her wild.

    A sure-fire hit with nearly all women when masturbating them is to concentrate most of your efforts on the clitoris – rubbing it gently then a little harder in a circular motion – by stimulating it with your hand and fingers, even tugging on it gently to increase blood flow and extra sensitivity.

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    • Wow: February 13, 2009 06:40
      That was hot that dealt turned me in
    • Leonard: March 15, 2010 11:08
      It's nice it turns m on great
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