1. Featured erotic book: Lisette Ashton's The Black Masque

    Lisette Ashton's The Black Masque

    The third in Lisette Ashton's hugely entertaining series of novels featuring private investigator Jo Valentine pits her against a vampire coven who seem more interested in other bodily fluids than blood.

    As if that weren't enough, Jo has problems at home, which she tries to deal with by taking her cheeky business partner Sam in hand - but has she underestimated Sam's masochistic tendencies?

    Mixing the pacy excitement of Lisette's other novels with some stylish gothic trappings - fangs, fog and graveyard fucks - The Black Masque is horny fun from start to end, Lisette making full use of each and every sex scene to propel the plot.

    And what sex scenes… everything from lesbian coupling to lavishly detailed pubic shaving, a well-lubed double fisting, foot fetishism, goth girls battling to drink their master's seed and a male virgin mercilessly teased by a bevy of buxom temptresses.

    What more can you ask? Only for the leader of the vampire cult to be a man called Barrington who drinks white wine with red food dye (red wine's just not his thing) and seems to have modelled his look on Blacula, or maybe the Cat from Red Dwarf.

    Crazy though Barrington's idea of a vampire religion is, you've got to admire a man who insists on anal sex being 'an integral part of the ritual' of initiation. Any excuses, eh? Just don't expect this one to work at home…

    The perfect read for anyone who wanted Hammer's riot of heaving breasts and billowing nightgowns to go just that little step (well, actually a fairly large step) further!

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