1. Scissor legs

    A modern twist on the missionary position, this is great for girls who like deep penetration or who love having their clit stimulated by hand while having sex…

    In this position, you lie on your back with your legs spread. You lover climbs on top of you as if to begin the missionary position, but instead he keeps his upper body elevated with his arms out straight to support his weight.

    Bend your legs at the knees and rest them against your lover's hips and then when his penis is inside you, lift your legs and place them on each of his shoulders. Your man will then be able to penetrate you as deeply as you want, while shifting his upper body backwards to make room for his hand to stimulate your clitoris.

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    • Richard Xing: June 20, 2007 08:24
      I really like to try this with my future female mate, I am a chinese man , you know the chinese girls are too shy, conservative, my dream is to make sex by this way on the Great Wall :-) .
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