1. Forbidden Flowers - Sex Toy of the Day

     OK, a book isn't a sex toy. Please don't sue us. But when a book is as good asForbidden Flowers - and gets a review as good as this on Orgasm Army - it might as well be…

    "This is a book to read while on a leisurely train ride or when you're relaxing in a tub--it is more a contemplative examination of women's sexuality than an erotic panting page turner.

    Which is not to say this book isn't erotic - it is… this book is a glimpse into hundreds of women's most intimate thoughts, it would be impossible for it not to be. But the style of the book is thoughtful and more academic than the average erotic novel…

    Nancy Friday (who is best known for her ground-breaking "My Secret Garden") has compiled the fantasies that women submitted to her after her first book was published into this volume--her voice intrudes only with short chapter introductions which help to focus the reader on the hows and whys of a type of fantasy…

    She also provides an Introduction and an Afterward that help to keep the book in perspective--remembering that this book was first published in 1975, it helps the reader to see the strides women have taken in owning their sexuality and being comfortable with their fantasies…"

    See the full Forbidden Flowers review at Orgasm Army.

    Buy the Forbidden Flowers.

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