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    Golden Root Complex 300mg (10 pack) We've heard mixed reports about how well Golden Root Complex pills work - some of you get a headache (along with, it should be pointed out, a hard-on), but some, like this Orgasm Army reviewer, can barely restrain their enthusiasm. At three quid a pop for the ten-pack, there's no reason not to leap into the fray and try them for yourself! And pique your interest with a rock-hard success story by reading on.

    "What goes up must come down… but not for a very long time after popping one of these little lovelies.

    The boyfriend experienced weird trippy type light traces and a blocked nose for the first hour, but that didn't stop his cock becoming rock-hard, and more importantly STAYING rock hard for hours (four, five? I lost track of time after the first couple of shags!). And even when he did cum, the erection was back by the time I'd returned from the bathroom!

    So if you want guaranteed all night action (and who doesn't?), try these. You won't be disappointed. And if you buy a box of 10, that's 10 disappointments you've avoided ;)"

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    • james bennett: July 04, 2009 21:50
      My wife and I bought a pack of these, and the result was amazing.  I took one five minutes before we went to bed and could feel the effects straight away.  My pulse went up slightly, my lethargy went away- it was like an internal 'glow'.  And for the first time, about five minutes after our first session, the old lad was back up and ready to go, all from just a simple kiss from the missus! Effective, cheap, and aside from a slight 'hang-over' in the morning, safer than anything else. Job done.