1. Bada Bing Ring

    Bada Bing RingTouch activated clit stimulators on a cock ring? Surely sex toys can't get any better than this?

    How does it work?
    Like all cock rings, the Bada Bing Ring is extremely easy to use. Slip it over your lover's rock hard cock to ensure his erection stays nice and big, then let the studded, touch-activated clit stimulator do its thing.

    Sizzlin' features:
    If you and lover would rather a constant stream of vibrations rather than those activated by touch, simply flick the switch on the bottom of the clit stimulator so that it's on constant vibrate. This means you get direct clitoral stimulation resulting in multiple orgasms (if you can handle it!), and your lover enjoys a stream of vibrations running through the shaft of his penis while penetrating you at the same time.

    Top tip:
    If your lover prefers to wear the cock ring for short bursts at a time, slip it onto your finger and use it stimulate your nipples, your lover's perineum and your anus. That's right, the Bada Bing Ring doubles as a nifty little handheld vibrator, too!

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