1. Erotic fantasies

    One sure-fire way to create unbelievable erotic excitement between you and your lover is to share and act out some of your favourite sexual fantasies. It takes a while for most people to build up the confidence to confide in their partner, but once you get past that stage the end results can be mind-blowing.

    Pour each other a glass of wine, create a seductive setting in your bedroom or living room with lots of scented candles and cushions, then start off by describing some light-hearted fantasies from films you've seen or stories you've read before getting into the real juicy stuff. Here's a few common erotic fantasies to get your creative juices flowing:

    Dirty Dancing
    Every one loves a bit of Dirty Dancing, so why not recreate one of the steamy scenes from the world's most-beloved chick flick by playing some soul or Motown music, then grind against each other with a view to peeling off each other's clothes and having slow, sensual sex. Your guy will jump at the chance to play the part of Patrick Swayze!

    Doctors and nurses
    More soft porn than Carry On Doctor, get your hands on a kinky nurses uniform and get to work on your lover's 'thermometer.' You could also get him to dress up in a sexy doctor's outfit and give you a thorough examination down below…

    French maid
    If your man has always fantasized over the thought of being tended to by a sexy French maid, don a slutty maid's uniform and pan to his every whim. You can tickle him with your feathery stick, dust infront of him while bending over with no panties on, or pretend to do 'house-keeping' in the bedroom while walking in on him just coming out of the shower. It will be the most explosive and orgasmic cleaning you've ever done…

    DIY porn stars
    Kill two birds with one stone and recreate a scene from one of your favourite porn films that you can replay time and time again to get you in the mood for sex. Take it in turns to masturbate on camera, strip for each other or read a sexy story, then place the camera on a tripod infront of your bed and get to work!

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