1. The Cocoon

    Looking for a gentle sex position that doesn't demand too much from either of you? The Cocoon will turn you on without running you ragged…

    This is an extremely close, comforting position that's great for couples who like to be ultra-close while having sex. It's also one of the least demanding sexual positions in the Karma Sutra, which is perfect for those of you looking for something low impact.

    In order to perform The Cocoon, ask you lover to kneel on the bed, squatting back comfortably on both of his heels. Once your lover is in position, sit astride his lap with your feet in front of you and on the bed near your lover's behind.

    With both of you in position, wrap your arms around each other, lift your feet off the bed and lean back into your lover's arms. Raise your legs as high as possible to aid a wide angle and deep penetration, then rock back and forth in time with your lover until you both achieve a slow, comfortable orgasm.

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