1. Vibrating Rock Chick - Sex Toy of the Day

    That Girl with a One-track Mind's got a lot to answer for - the popular blog turned even more popular book, letting the world at large know all about which sex toys to use for mind-blowing orgasms. One-track Mind Girl, we salute you, wherever you are, and the Orgasm Army reviewer who took your tip for a Vibrating Rock Chick is probably even more grateful than us. She certainly sounds like she is…

    "I felt I had to review the Rock Chick (although I have never reviewed a sex toy before) since it has had quite a profound effect on me!

    I was getting increasingly frustrated with only being able to reach orgasm through clitoral stimulation, and at the same time my orgasms were becoming more and more…. well, average (if you know what I mean).

    I wanted to explore a new way of coming and see if I was able to come vaginally by stimulating my g-spot. After reading about the Rock Chick on 'Girl With A One Track Mind's blogsite, I thought I'd give it a try. It is quite pricey but, as I will explain, totally worth the money!

    When it arrived I was raring to give it a go and there were instructions on the best way / ways to use it. I had read other reviews saying it can be a bit of trial and error at first until you find the best way of using it for you, so I was prepared for a bit of experimentation. And sure enough it took a few tries till I found what worked best for me.

    It can feel a bit strange at first if what you're used to is masturbating using clitoral stimulation alone. But the Rock Chick is amazing for locating that all important g-spot with no effort on your part - once inserted inside it naturally presses (firmly) against the front wall and rubs it as you 'rock' the Rock Chick inside you. If you feel you want extra clitoral stimulation there is a bullet which fits inside the bit that rests against your clit and gives quite strong vibrations

    Personally I like to use it without the bullet in (the bullet can easily be removed), sitting on a chair with the Rock Chick inserted inside me, and then rock back and forth using my legs. I find I don't need to use my hands, as the rocking motion allows the Rock Chick to press against your g-spot and the other end provides gentle clitoral stimulation.

    But it is definitely the internal g-spot stimulation which makes me come - and gives me an amazing vaginal orgasm which is much more intense and satisfying than what I was experiencing through clitoral stimulation alone.

    The Rock Chick is made out of safe silicone, is flexible and holds body warmth well, you can wash it easily with soapy water and boil it if you want to sterilise it. It's also quite discreet as its non-phallic shape means people won't necessarily know what it is. Which also makes it non-threatening to men if you're looking for something to introduce in the bedroom which won't scare him away! Though personally I would recommend trying it on your own first when you have some time to spend and experiment with the best way to use it for you.

    It is a toy which has expanded the way I experience orgasm and in that sense has changed my life! It has led me to try out other g-spot toys to explore my experience further, but it is the Rock Chick which I (gleefully!) return to again and again….

    Try it - if your experience is anything like mine, you won't be disappointed!

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